Preschool is the first official step your little one takes into the outside world. Once this step is taken there is just no turning back for your kid. Soon preschool transitions into kindergarten, kindergarten into elementary school, and the next thing you know youre clicking pictures on their college graduation day.

For every mother, that first step, the very first step of this exciting academic journey is one bittersweet moment shell remember for the rest of her life. Its difficult, we agree, especially when you see those big innocent eyes well up with tears and the cute little lower lip tremble. But, be that as it may, the day passes, and to make that passage easier for both you and your child, we have put together a helpful little guide. Youre welcome!

5 Awesome Tips That Help Mommies Make It Easier

Teach them to take care of themselves

At that age, you are the center of your kids universe. So, when the sudden realization hits the child that his mommy is nowhere to be seen, its chaos. However, with slow and steady reinforcement over the course of time, you can teach your child to stay calm and not freak out if youre not in his field of vision. The best way to do this is by teaching them to do little tasks by themselves. For instance, make them learn how to button up the pants, zip the jacket, clean up after theyve used the bathroom, tie the shoelaces, etc. Leave him by himself for a couple of hours every day. Not only will this make your child a lot more efficient, the teacher will appreciate the help too!

Teach them few basic skills

In some ways, kids love being treated as adults- responsible and smart. It doesn’t matter if they dont know the real picture. This could be your golden chance to make them feel good and confident about going away. Give them a few tasks that they would usually depend on you to get done. Things like allowing them to pick their outfit for the day, packing their own lunch, organizing their closet, cleaning up their room and their food, etc.

Let them socialize

After all, preschool is nothing more than one mega social event, what with so many kids from different backgrounds packed into one space. The crowd in a preschool can be quite overwhelming to a kid. Make sure your child is unfazed by this. Host various kiddie social events or take your kid to some. Take him to the park as frequently as you can, and encourage some friendly and affable behavior.

Dont freak out

We know youre nervous and super-worried about your childs well-being. But don’t let it show to your child. Panic all you want, but hide it under that awesome façade of the supermom that you are. If your kid sees you freaking out, hell start freaking out too. Encourage your child to face the big day with excitement, like that of an explorer going on a treasure hunt.

Get everything in order

Preparing For Preschool?   Tip for School ReadinessThis is more logistical, but it manages to set the ball rolling so very efficiently. Start shopping for the essentials- a lunch box, water bottle, wipes, art supplies, stationery, shoes and the like. And, dont forget to label everything that goes on your child, right from the bag to the shoes. Preschools are the black hole for small things, and you dont want to find yourself stocking up with stationery every alternate day. This is also a good time to break habits, like carrying the fuzzy blankie everywhere in the house. Oh and involve them in every step of the preparations, and please try to make it fun. You wont regret it.

Preparing for preschool isnt like walking into Mordor. But, it can turn out to be nightmarish if you dont play smart. Keep calm, follow these tips for school readiness, and see off a happy kid.